Purpose of Blogging

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post. This is new territory for me as I’ve only ever been a consumer of blogs. So that begs the question: why did I decide to blog? It’s a bit of a long answer, but the catalyst for adding a blogging section to my website was when an older friend of mine suggested I start writing down my memories given their dissipative nature that comes with age. That really stuck with me when I tried recalling some childhood memories, only to find out I had vague images of them in my head. While I had the visuals, I hardly felt any emotion, which I believe is what makes a memory special. I immediately saw the point they were making, and ever since, I’ve started to prioritize this blog.

With that being said, this blog will ultimately be an extension of my thoughts, and thanks to the World Wide Web, you are able to consume them, too. I’m not going to take myself too seriously; I won’t have a regimented blogging schedule, nor will I attempt to make every post academic. If you do decide to stay around, though, I hope you do find my posts informative through your own perceptions and possibly learn something along the way as I leave my breadcrumbs.